We welcome submissions that identify and develop proposals to change the political-economic rules that govern humanity’s activities so they restore nature, rather than continue to destroy it.

While we welcome any and all proposals that fit with this broad objective, we invite you to submit proposals that:

Framing your written submission to fit one, or both, of these categories will help respondents engage, and will help us fit your proposal into the wider set of proposals that we are crowd sourcing through Better Nature Together.

In addition we particularly welcome proposals that fit within our three fields of enquiry (finance, legal recourse and applying research), and address or engage the core of our approach (political-economic rule change realised through civic mobilisation, which is activated by narrative change).

Submissions can be of any length. We’d encourage them to be in the region of 1,000 – 1,500 words to aid accessibility and maximise interactions related to the submissions.

Thank you.